Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 5

How did you wakeup this Morning?

Did you wake up chanting positive affirmations?

Did you declare to the world that it is a better place because You are awake

Did you look out to what ever the weather was and thank God for providing a Good Morning to wake up to?


Today my Day started 

  • Horribly
  • my throat was roar
  • I felt upset at myself for not completing what I had planned to do that evening 
  • While sleeping I tossed and turned 
  • My children were all late for school (which proves that the whole day starts dependent on the attitude of the Mother (Sad to say))
I kept trying to tell myself to get over this horrible feeling of heaviness. 

I called into the Petrol Station where I observed/experienced great service with a smile.  I set my computer to play This Audiobook/Video: Titled Winner by Zig Ziglar shared on 
You Tube by TheUltimateAudiobook

 I desperately needed to hear Positive teachings 

This is an audio by Zig Ziglar a man I have come to admire and recognise as being one of the great teachers or Motivators on Business and life.

I started my journey feeling absolutely gutted that I had allowed this Grey feeling in me, to affect not only my whole morning but probably my childrens day ugh.  While listening to Zig Ziglar speaking I was forced to address all that had gone on this morning and once I got over feeling guilty for the way I had treated my children,  I was able to see that the reason I felt so blah was because

I am highly disorganised with my Time. Ouch

Yes I just declared that I am..

I have no one else to blame but myself for not following a proper plan and not managing my time correctly..  Not getting up early enough and going to bed too late.

There are some very helpful tools out there
  • google calendar (notifications)
  • google notifications
  • A Diary
  • A White Board
  • Sticky notes 
  • An Alarm Clock    Hello USE THEM

but just like:
a beautiful perfume if left in the bottle the true reason for it is never really realised until the bottle is broken or until the fragrance is worn.

I know this is a key to success.   

Use the tools you have

What price are you willing to pay in order to see success in the?

  • Home
  • Workplace 
  • Church
  • Sports team etc.

 What are you prepared to give up in order to spend more time in the right place?

  • T.V
  • Sports
  • Social Sites
  • Games
Time is very valuable and yet often spent in the wrong way.
I am currently fine tuning this area and picking and choosing who I spend my time with.  
I understand that time is not something that I can get back and I am determined to invest my time wisely

I must mention that because of this challenge I chosen to participate and share in real time and have chosen to reveal issues that I am having to face.  Now that my day is nearly at an end and I have completed this blog my shoulders feel much lighter.  

I am going to book a game of golf with my husband and take my children to the local hot spring Soda Springs and Spend some Quality, Priceless time with them

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